May 31, 2009

President Rafael Correa in Honduras

President Rafael Correa from Ecuador is scheduled to visit Honduras today. He will be meeting with Honduras President Mel Zelaya, and they will talk about several topics.

I was reading at the newspapers that both presidents were to visit Copan Ruins today, this will be a very good opportunity to promote a little bit about this fantastic place.

Mayan Ruins in Copan are world famous, it is an archeological site which is visited by many tourists from all over the world.

I'm sure President Correa will be very impressed by this beautiful site, and somehow people from Ecuador will know more about this place. Since their president is to visit Copan, in Ecuador the news will surely announce and talk about this particular trip.

As far as I know, not many people from Ecuador visit or live in Honduras, except for students that come to the International School of El Zamorano, which is the Panamerican Agriculture School, a very well recognized school all over America.

Many people from South America come to El Zamorano to study, and from Ecuador there are a lot of students.

By the way, both presidents will also visit El Zamorano, to say hello to Ecuador students and talk about agricultural development I guess.

Well, let´s hope everything goes well with this visit.

Honduras vs USA - World Cup Qualifying next week

Next week all Honduras is getting ready for the upcoming soccer match vs USA for the World Cup qualifyings. The game is going to be played in Chicago on saturday June 6th, that is 7 days from today.

A lot of people are asking about what time the game will begin. Well, the answer is very curious, because the time is 6:27 pm, Honduras time (7:27pm Chicago time). That's weird, why 6:27pm? Why not 6:30pm or 6:25pm?. I really don´t know, but the fact is that the game begins exactly 27 minutes after 6pm, I guess it has to do with TV schedules or something like that.

Honduras national team is training hard with the idea to get at least a draw, that would be 1 point which would be welcomed and should be considered a very good result, since USA is currently the best team in Concacaf area.

Right now, after 3 games of this final round, USA is leading with 7 points, 2nd place is Costa Rica with 6 points, and 3rd is Honduras with 4 points.

Let's remember that in this final round we have 6 teams competing for 3 tickets to the World Cup, and the 4th place will also have a final chance to get another ticket after competing with another team from South America.

As of today, USA, Costa Rica and Honduras area leading, but there are still 7 games left before completing this final round, that is still a lot of games.

This upcoming game is very important, most people in Honduras are confident that our national team will play a good game and get at least the draw as we said before. A victory would be even better of course.

Everybody remembers that in 2001, in the World Cup qualifyings, Honduras won 3-2 against USA playing in Washington DC, and many people think that a Honduras victory is something that could happen again.

It will be a very hard game, USA is definitely the best soccer team in Concacaf, when they play in their own country they are very hard to defeat, almost impossible.

People in Honduras take soccer very seriously, so this match will definitely be the main topic of information and discusion all week long in Honduras.

We're all looking forward to this match, and we can´t hardly wait for the match to begin. Let´s wait and hope that everything goes well with Honduras National team.

People in Honduras react very happy when the national team wins, but react very bad when the national team loses. A victory would be a very good source of happiness and optimistic feelings for Honduras people.

May 29, 2009

Major earthquake in Honduras

We've just had a major earthquake in Honduras, in the Caribbean coast. The official information says the magnitude was 7.1 on Ritcher's scale, and it was also mentioned that it even got up to 7.3 or so. Do you know what this means?. This was a major earthquake without a doubt.

However, only minor damages were reported all over the country, considering the magnitude of the earthquake, this was a miracle, there is no logical explanation for this.

There was a large bridge that collapsed, this is bridge La Democracia in El Progreso, about 30 km east of San Pedro Sula. A few buildings were also damaged, like the Court building in San Pedro Sula, it had a lot of damages.

There were also a few people who were reported dead, about 5 - 7 people. That's very sad. However, in a 7.1 earthquake this is much less than expected.

The epicenter was located about 130 km north of La Ceiba, into the Caribbean Sea. Another reference for the location is the world famous island of Roatan, only 60 km from the epicenter of this major earthquake.

No major damages in Roatan or the Bay Islands, how can you explain this?. Today in the morning TV news some experts in geophysics sciences were trying to explain how a 7.1 earthquake didn't cause major damages, but there were no conclusive or clear answers.

All over the world throughout the years and centuries ago, there have been earthquakes over 6 on Ritcher scale that have caused devastation and destruction. Entire cities have disappeared many times after earthquakes over 6 on Ritcher scale.

In Honduras is very unlikely to have earthquakes, even though Honduras is located in a very sismic region. In all Central america countries is very common to have this type of events.

Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, all of them have had major earthquakes in the past with very destructive consequences, even with earthquakes with magnitude less than 7 or 6 on Ritcher scale.

With a 7.1 earthquake the logical consequences would have been masive destruction in Honduras, where we don´t really have experience on these events, the construction is not designed in most cases to withstand earthquakes.

If the epicenter of this earthquake would have been a few miles to the south, closer to the Caribbean coast of Honduras, we can not imagine how destructive this would have been, it's scary just thinking about it.

This was a very close call, we have to be ready for the future. We can not think anymore that Honduras is free of earthquakes, this one was a proof that anything could happen.

May 28, 2009

Facts and general information about Honduras

Honduras is located in the very middle of Central America. The country is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Caribbean Sea.

The area of the country is over 112,000 Km2, and the population is about 7.5 million people.

The capital city is Tegucigalpa, with about 2 million people. The 2nd city is San Pedro Sula, about 1.5 million people including nearby cities in the Sula Valley.

Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are very different cities. Tegucigalpa is located in the middle of the mountains, with a lot of hills and irregular topography, aproximately 1000 meters above sea level.

San Pedro Sula is located in the Sula Valley, about 100 meters above sea level, the weather is very hot and humid most time of the year. San Pedro Sula is very near to the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Cortes is only 50 km to the north, and Tela which is a very beautiful site in the Caribbean Sea is 90 Km to the northeast.

There are four international airports in Honduras: Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Roatan. Fligths coming from USA and many other countries arrive to Honduras everyday (American Airlines, Continental, Taca, Delta, Copa, etc). It's very easy getting to Honduras.

There are several touristic places all over Honduras. The beaches in the Caribbean at the north of Honduras are simply beautiful, real paradises with sandy beaches, coral reefs, blue sea.

Roatan and the Bay Islands, Tela, Trujillo, La Ceiba, Cayos Cochinos, Omoa, are only a little sample of these beautiful places in the Caribbean part of Honduras.

For people who enjoy archeological sites and history, the Mayan Ruins in Copan are the place to visit. Whenever you go to Copan, you travel yourself in time to several hundreds years ago. The buildings and temples will take your breath out, it's incredible.

There are many other places to visit in Honduras: Yojoa Lake, Colonial Towns (Valle de Angeles, Comayagua, Gracias), Platano Rain Forest, Amapala, etc. We will talk about many of these places in our blog, don´t worry.

Well, we could write pages and books about Honduras and the beautiful natural places we have. A beautiful country without a doubt.

Welcome to Honduras, if you have already been here I'm sure you will want to come back soon. If you haven´t been here, you really don´t know what you´re missing!

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Hello and welcome to this Honduras Blog

Hello, and welcome to this blog, where we will talk about miscellaneous topics about this beautiful country which is Honduras of course.

Honduras is a country with many difficulties just as every other country in the world, but that is no reason for not being a beautiful place to live in, and where we still can enjoy of so many charming places that it has.

As for natural landscapes, Honduras has nothing to envy to any country in the world if we're talking about beach and sea, tropical forest, arqueolochical sites, mountain places, etc.

As for politics, sports, entertaining, curious things, etc, there is so much to talk about, and that is one of the main reasons for this blog, to talk about a diversity of topics that are related to Honduras.

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Anyway, this will be a blog about open and varied topics, if it is related to Honduras then it is something we will want to include in our blog.

Welcome again.