May 31, 2009

Honduras vs USA - World Cup Qualifying next week

Next week all Honduras is getting ready for the upcoming soccer match vs USA for the World Cup qualifyings. The game is going to be played in Chicago on saturday June 6th, that is 7 days from today.

A lot of people are asking about what time the game will begin. Well, the answer is very curious, because the time is 6:27 pm, Honduras time (7:27pm Chicago time). That's weird, why 6:27pm? Why not 6:30pm or 6:25pm?. I really don´t know, but the fact is that the game begins exactly 27 minutes after 6pm, I guess it has to do with TV schedules or something like that.

Honduras national team is training hard with the idea to get at least a draw, that would be 1 point which would be welcomed and should be considered a very good result, since USA is currently the best team in Concacaf area.

Right now, after 3 games of this final round, USA is leading with 7 points, 2nd place is Costa Rica with 6 points, and 3rd is Honduras with 4 points.

Let's remember that in this final round we have 6 teams competing for 3 tickets to the World Cup, and the 4th place will also have a final chance to get another ticket after competing with another team from South America.

As of today, USA, Costa Rica and Honduras area leading, but there are still 7 games left before completing this final round, that is still a lot of games.

This upcoming game is very important, most people in Honduras are confident that our national team will play a good game and get at least the draw as we said before. A victory would be even better of course.

Everybody remembers that in 2001, in the World Cup qualifyings, Honduras won 3-2 against USA playing in Washington DC, and many people think that a Honduras victory is something that could happen again.

It will be a very hard game, USA is definitely the best soccer team in Concacaf, when they play in their own country they are very hard to defeat, almost impossible.

People in Honduras take soccer very seriously, so this match will definitely be the main topic of information and discusion all week long in Honduras.

We're all looking forward to this match, and we can´t hardly wait for the match to begin. Let´s wait and hope that everything goes well with Honduras National team.

People in Honduras react very happy when the national team wins, but react very bad when the national team loses. A victory would be a very good source of happiness and optimistic feelings for Honduras people.

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