May 31, 2009

President Rafael Correa in Honduras

President Rafael Correa from Ecuador is scheduled to visit Honduras today. He will be meeting with Honduras President Mel Zelaya, and they will talk about several topics.

I was reading at the newspapers that both presidents were to visit Copan Ruins today, this will be a very good opportunity to promote a little bit about this fantastic place.

Mayan Ruins in Copan are world famous, it is an archeological site which is visited by many tourists from all over the world.

I'm sure President Correa will be very impressed by this beautiful site, and somehow people from Ecuador will know more about this place. Since their president is to visit Copan, in Ecuador the news will surely announce and talk about this particular trip.

As far as I know, not many people from Ecuador visit or live in Honduras, except for students that come to the International School of El Zamorano, which is the Panamerican Agriculture School, a very well recognized school all over America.

Many people from South America come to El Zamorano to study, and from Ecuador there are a lot of students.

By the way, both presidents will also visit El Zamorano, to say hello to Ecuador students and talk about agricultural development I guess.

Well, let´s hope everything goes well with this visit.

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