Jun 1, 2009

OAS Assembly in Honduras this week

This week is a very special week in Honduras. We will have the OAS (Organization of American States) Assembly in Honduras, in the city of San Pedro Sula.

Thousands of visitors have already arrived to San Pedro Sula to attend this meeting, or cover the information for this meeting, which will begin tomorrow June 2nd, and will finish on June 3rd.

There is a large police/security presence all over the city in order to keep things under control. However, no security incidents are expected, there is no reason for that to happen. All associated events are to be held in peace and order, there are no signs of any disturbances so far.

Several representative diplomatics from all over America are to attend this Assembly, and one of the most expected, or the most expected I should say, is US Secretary of State, and that is Ms Hillary Clinton. She is scheduled to arrive later today, and everybody is looking forward to her stay in Honduras for the next couple of days.

One of the first appointments upon her arrival is a private meeting with President Mel Zelaya. I believe they will discuss many issues about diplomatic relationships between Honduras and USA, and so many other topics.

President Zelaya said a few days ago that he will be very honored to receive Ms Clinton, she will be a guest of honor, and said many good things about USA. That's strange since many times in the past President Zelaya has also said that Honduras should not deppend anymore from US and turn his attention to Venezuela and other countries that are more related to Honduras, and many other things not always in favor of USA.

This is a strange and curious world, isn't it?. In politics things and opinions come and go all the time, what can we do about it?

Some presidents will also attend the meeting: Rafael Correa (Ecuador), President Lugo (Paraguay), and maybe a few others.

All the hotels in San Pedro Sula are completely full of visitors, there are no rooms available for the rest of the week.

There are several topics that are to be included and discussed in the Assembly. One of the most known topics is about Cuba getting back to OAS, everybody is talking about it, for some reason this seems to be a very important matter for some people, including President Correa from Ecuador and President Mel Zelaya from Honduras.

As far as I know, Cuba is not interested in getting back to OAS, I believe Fidel and Raul Castro have said several times that Cuba is not interested anymore. If Cuba is not interested, why some people are trying to give so much relevance to this?. Why President Zelaya is insisting so much?. Well, that is something that we're not going to cover on this post.

As for the Assembly itself, it really is a very important and honorific recognition for Honduras to host this meeting. I believe the whole world will focus many eyes in Honduras because of this meeting. It's a great opportunity for Honduras to let the world know about the beautiful things we have.

I really hope everything goes well with the meeting. Events like these are not to be held every day in Honduras. Let´s wait to see what happens in the next couple of days.

Good for San Pedro Sula for the organization of this OAS Assembly.

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