Jun 4, 2009

34 cases of AH1N1 Influenza in Honduras

There was all over the news that we have in Honduras 32 additional cases of AH1N1 influenza (pig flu), these are confirmed cases. In the last few weeks we only had 2 confirmed cases in Honduras.

With this additional 32 cases the new total is 34. The surprise is, or shock I must say, how come we have 32 new cases all of sudden?. A couple of days ago, only 2 cases, and 2 days later we now have 34. That was quick, wasn´t it?

The Government Health Office has been working the last few weeks in implementing control measures in order to avoid this to happen, at least that is what we've been hearing.

A few days ago President Zelaya even bragged himself about how effective the measures had been, Honduras was almost free of this influenza thanks to his Government. Everybody gave him a big round of applause.

Even myself, I thougth that finally this Government was doing something really worth to admire. Health is one of the most important topics, always, forever and ever. I figured the Government was dedicating important efforts to this critical issue.

They've been telling all of us that the influenza was under control, inmigration controls were very tough, every suspect case in the hospitals was being monitored very close. I guess everything was going fine, no need for worrying too much. With proper preventive measures things were pretty fine.

But now, everything has dramatically changed. I went to bed one night with the number "2 cases" in my mind, and the next day when I turned on the TV, they were saying that 32 additional cases were detected overnight!

My first thought was that maybe something was wrong with the information, perhaps they were talking about 32 cases under review waiting to be confirmed. But the sad true is that these new 32 cases were already confirmed.

All of a sudden we now have a very serious outlook for the following days and weeks. I really hope everything goes back to normal.

However, early today I was reading at the local newspapers that we have 15 additional cases under review, waiting to be confirmed. I really hope these 15 new cases won´t turn confirmed. Otherwise, let´s start praying very hard.

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