Jun 6, 2009

Honduras vs USA in soccer, today is the day

Well, we finally arrived to this expected date, today is the day Honduran soccer fans have been waiting for. Tonight in Chicago we will be playing against USA in the soccer World Cup qualifyings.

All this week has been very intense, everybody has been waiting for this particular match which will be very important for Honduras aspirations to the World Cup in South Africa next year.

The most important topic in Honduras for today is this match. Politics, swine flu, health, education, the 4th ballot of our President Zelaya, weather, earhtquakes, rains, storms, etc, you name any topic and nothing is more important today in Honduras than this match. No kidding, this is a very serious thing in Honduras.

I don´t know if this type of passion for soccer is good or bad, they say that anything that goes far into extremes is not good, maybe this is something we could relate to this passion for soccer in Honduras. But it is a passion and people really enjoy it.

Most of the time in Honduras people is worried about politics, crime, security, health, economic problems. When we have the opportunity to enjoy Honduras National Team games, everybody relaxes and enjoys a lot. It´s a very important source of distraction and relaxation.

Going back into this game, things are going to be very difficult though. Let´s remember that only 3 days ago US team was defeated by Costa Rica 3-1, that was a very bad result for USA, and they are really hurt in their hearts. I'm sure they will put everything they've got in the field in order to obtain a victory and get back on track.

Another bad result for US team would be very serious for their own aspirations into this qualifying round.

Honduras team must be very concentrated all 90 minutes of the game, from minute 1 to minute 90, all the time. If they get distracted at any moment, that could be the reason to lose this game.

However, if Honduras can handle US team with the necessary concentration, no distractions, following the tactical plan, I believe Honduras will be able to get the result we're all looking for, and that is at least the draw. And who knows, maybe the victory as well, everything is possible. Why not?

Anyway, today is a key date in Concacaf. Honduras will be paying very close attention to the other matches: Trinidad Tobago vs Costa Rica, and El Salvador vs Mexico. Both games will be played today as well.

Costa Rica will be playing in Trinidad Tobago early in the afternoon, 4:00 pm Honduras time. By the time of Honduras game against USA, which is at 6:27pm, the result from Costa Rica will be known by everybody.

At half time of Honduras game, the match in Trinidad Tobago will be finished.

The other important game will be in San Salvador at 7:00 pm, El Salvador vs Mexico. This game will be almost simultaneous with Honduras game, only 30 minutes later.

We have said many times that Honduras should not depend on the results of other teams, Honduras should get its own points, winning its own games, and the results from the other teams won´t matter.

Well, that is true. But it is also true that we can not completely forget about these other teams, what they do is something to be looking at in order to know what to do in the future games of this qualifying round.

If you asked me, I would say that it would be very good for Honduras if El Salvador could beat Mexico, and also if Trinidad Tobago could beat Costa Rica. That would very helpful for Honduras aspirations in the standings.

However, let´s not forget that Honduras has to do the most important thing, that is winning as many points as possible on its own.

We're all looking forward to this game. Hopefully our next post in this blog will be about Honduras victory, or at least a draw. If we lose this game, it won´t be a good thing.

Several thousands of Honduran fans will be attending the game in Chicago's Soldier Field. As of this moment, there are no tickets available. The stadium will be completely crowded, not only by Honduran fans but US fans as well.

People in the US also have a lot of passion for their soccer National Team. That is a good thing for this popular sport.

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