Jun 2, 2009

Hillary Clinton in Honduras

Hillary Clinton arrived late last night to Honduras, she came from El Salvador where she attended the ceremony of inaguration of new President Funes in El Salvador. She was scheduled to arrive about 4:00pm, but there were some delays and she finally got to San Pedro Sula after 8:00pm.

She was received by the US ambassador Hugo LLorens and some other people. Some of the people receiving Ms Clinton are unknown persons, nobody knows who they are, but the appear in the pictures saying hello to the world. That's pretty funny, isn´t it?

Just after her arrival she was taken to a dinner with representatives from all over America who are attending the OAS Assembly.

She also had a private meeting with President Zelaya, they were supposed to discuss inmigration and economic issues.

Ms Clinton has a very busy agenda for the next couple of days, besides attending the OAS Assembly she will also meet with several Presidents and other diplomatic representatives.

There is a lot of security around OAS Assembly, but specially around Hillary Clinton. There is really nothing to worry about, Honduras is a very peaceful country, but security measures are necessary anyway. Nothing extreme really.

This is not the first time Hillary Clinton is in Honduras, did you know that?. She was in Honduras in 1998 along with President Bill Clinton in a visit they made after Hurricane Mitch. This is her first visit to San Pedro Sula though. Her visit in 1998 was to Tegucigalpa.

Even though 11 years have gone by since Hurricane Mitch, this is something that has been very difficult to forget, the devastation and destruction caused by the Hurricante was very bad. I'm sure Ms Clinton still remembers her visit back in 1998.

Well, I really hope everything goes well with her visit to Honduras, I'm sure she will get very good thoughts about this beautiful country.

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