Jun 5, 2009

Guillermo Anderson, a popular Honduran singer

I would like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about one of the most popular and known singers in Honduras, he is also famous in many countries all over the world. Whenever someone thinks about music in Honduras, almost inmediately the name of this famous artist jumps to the scene. And that singer is Guillermo Anderson.

There are many other artists and singers in Honduras, very popular and very good singers as well. We will talk about them in separate posts. This time we will refer to Guillermo Anderson.

Guillermo Anderson has been performing his songs since many years ago, I don´t know exactly for how much time I've been hearing about him, but I do know he's had a long and very successful career.

His songs have the particular characteristic that are very closely related to our Honduran culture. Most of the lyrics are related to nature, folklore, Honduran people, places and customs. He is really very original in his lyrics. He is the composer and author of his own songs.

When Honduran people listen to his songs, they reflect themselves with the message. The lyrics go straight to the heart and soul of Honduran people.

He has participated in many international events all over the world, everywhere. He keeps representing Honduras practically like an international Ambassador of our culture. I would say he is one of best international representatives Honduras has.

Whenever there is a cultural event where the need to show something good and beautiful about Honduras is necessary, the music is a very good way to accomplish this, and Guillermo Anderson is the right artist to do it.

In the last few days with the OAS Assembly in San Pedro Sula, the opening ceremony was perfect to show the world something good about Honduran culture.

Do you know who was the artist who opened this ceremony?. I'm sure you've already guessed. That artist was Guillermo Anderson of course. His performance was great and incredible, just like everybody expected to be.

One of the most representative songs from Guillermo Anderson is a song named "En mi PaĆ­s", that is "In my country". It's a beautiful song about Honduras, about the beautiful things we have. Many people think this song is by far the most famous song from Guillermo Anderson.

Almost everybody in Honduras know this song, it's like a national anthem, no kidding.

I would like to include a video with this song, you can read the lyrics in the video and also can take a look to some of the most beautiful places in Honduras along with the video.

Did you like the song?. Hopefully you did. I like this song very much. Guillermo Anderson has many other songs which are very popular as well. We will include some other songs in future posts.

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