Jun 2, 2009

Popular journalist has been released

Andres Torres, a very popular Honduran radio journalist who was kidnaped 18 days ago, was finally released early today by his captors.

Since the kidnaping was executed 18 days ago, a lot of protests from the society against the insecurity in Honduras had been presented. This case was on the news every day, everybody was wandering about Andres Torres destiny, there was not much information from the family, the police or the kidnapers.

There were only rumors about Andres Torres. It was very strange that the kidnapers had not contacted the family for so many days, nobody knew anything about Mr Torres. In other kidnaping cases, the kidnapers usually contact the family within the next few days to ask for a payment in order to release the person, but in Andres Torres case there was no communication at all for more than 15 days.

Andres Torres gave some declarations to the news reporters and he explained how he was kidnaped, how he was taken to a couple of unknown places. He really doesn´t know where exactly he was being held, his eyes were covered with a piece of clothing most of the time.

He also explained that the kidnapers only contacted his family a few days ago, and asked for a payment in order to release him. His family made the payment yesterday, and today he was released.

His family and friends were really worried as the days went by with no news at all, especially because Mr Torres has a couple of medical conditions that need to be taken care of. He has high blood pressure, and he also has diabetes. He has to take medicine almost every day in order to have those medical conditions under control.

According to his doctor, who gave several interviews a few days ago, his condition without the proper medicines could be serious. However, Mr Torres could survive all 18 days in captivity without any medicines at all. That´s amazing.

Mr Torres said that he was aware of this critical issue with his health condition, and he was expecting for the worst scenario if he didn´t take his medication. He explained that he commited himself to God and the Holy Spirit, and prayed a lot all these days, asking for God's help in order to survive this sad event.

This was a very amazing story, he finally made it and survived with no medicine, trusting God. Wow, it´s incredible. God was really with him I guess, there is no doubt about it.

Good for Andres Torres, I feel happy for him, and I'm looking forward to listen his radio program in the next few days. I'm sure he has a lot to tell.

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