Jun 3, 2009

Honduras will be watching Costa Rica vs US match

All Honduras will pay very close atention to the soccer match tonight between Costa Rica and USA. This game is part of the qualifying round for the World Cup, and Honduras is very interested to see what happens.

There is a lot of discussion in Honduras about what is the result that best could benefit Honduras, and most people say the best result would be a draw, because with a draw both teams (Costa Rica & USA) would only get 1 point, and that wouldn't make any significant difference with the number of points Honduras has.

Let's see ........ USA currently has 7 points, Costa Rica 6, Honduras 4. With a draw USA would be 8 points and Costa Rica 7. This way, both teams would be within Honduras reach in the next few games.

The 2nd best result for Honduras would be USA winning the game. Everybody in Honduras considers that Costa Rica is a direct rival in this qualifying round for Honduras, perhaps Costa Rica is the team to beat if Honduras really wants to go to the World Cup in 2010

Let´s remember that 3 teams will get a direct ticket to the World Cup, it doesn´t matter if the final standings show a team to be number 1, 2 or 3. What really matter is to be within those 3 teams.

We all know that USA will finally qualify, they are maybe the best team in Concacaf, so they already have 1 out of the 3 tickets, and that is almost for sure.

The other 2 tickets are to be divided between Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico. Let´s not forget Mexico is still fighting for one of those tickets, even though they only have 3 points so far, they are still very dangerous.

There are 7 games left, and we all know that somehow Mexico will finally get the 2nd ticket. Sooner or later Mexico will win their games, they always qualify to World Cups. When they play as a host team in Mexico City in the Azteca stadium, they always win, and I mean always.

Chances are that ticket #1 will be for USA, ticket #2 for Mexico, and ticket #3 is to be fought between Costa Rica and Honduras. That is the reason for thinking Costa Rica is the rival to beat in this qualifyng round. The real challenge for Honduras is Costa Rica.

So, if USA wins today, that means Costa Rica won't get any points, and that is good for Honduras.

And finally, the worst scenario for Honduras is Costa Rica winning tonight's game, because Costa Rica would get 3 points making a total of 9 points, and they would go very far from Honduras 4 points. That would be a very difficult scenario for Honduras. Let´s remember that next saturday Honduras will play against USA in Chicago, and that will be a very though game for Honduras.

If Honduras loses that game against USA, Honduras will be only 4 points. Compared with Costa Rica 9 points, that is a lot of difference. It would be very difficult for Honduras to recover and go after Costa Rica with that scenario.

Tonight´s game it´s going to be a very interesting game. Costa Rica will be playing as a local team tonight in San Jose, and USA has never won a game against Costa Rica in San Jose, at least not so far. Maybe tonight things change and USA can beat Costa Rica.

Anything could happen. We´re going to be watching the game very closely.

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