Jun 12, 2009

A trip to Valle de Angeles

This weekend I will be making a trip to the colonial town of Valle de Angeles. I will stay there for the weekend to take a rest and relax a little bit from the crazy world we have in the city.

Everybody in Honduras knows that Valle de Angeles is one of the most beautiful colonial towns in Honduras, but not everybody from other countries knows about this beautiful site, so I will talk a little bit about it in this post.

Valle de Angeles is a beautiful small town very near Tegucigalpa, it´s about 25 minutes driving a car heading in a north-east direction out of the city, and deep inside into the mountains.

Many people from Tegucigalpa visit this town especially on weekends. The town is located in the middle of the mountains, the weather is just great, warm and cool, very nice.

You can go there and take a walk on the cobblestone streets, around the park. When you do that, you experience a very relaxing environment, you feel transported in time as if you were in a spanish colonial town a couple of centuries ago.

There are no security issues in Valle de Angeles, not that I know. When you are walking in the streets of Tegucigalpa, you always have the feeling that somebody is watching you, you have to be aware of everybody and everything around you, the truth is you have to take all necessary precautions, just like you would in any large city in the world.

In Valle de Angeles the story is completely different. You can walk around the town and don´t have to be worried about your security, you can have a feeling of peace. The town is very quiet, and people are very nice.

If you ever go to Valle de Angeles, don´t miss the craft exhibits, there are a lot of hand made crafts. There are several craft pavilions where you can take a look at some of the most beautiful handicrafts you could possibly imagine.

Leather, wood, clothes. Valle de Angeles is the most famous place in Honduras if you want to know about local customs and local handicrafts.

In a normal sunday, be aware that you will meet hundreds of tourists walking all over town. People from USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, just name any country. A lot of tourists go to Valle de Angeles, it´s a very common picture in that town to see like a tourist invasion on weekend days. It´s incredible.

If you go there in a normal week day, things are a lot more peaceful. You can always find some tourists, but nothing compared with the amount of tourists you can find in a normal sunday.

Valle de Angeles is a visit you can´t miss if you ever go to Tegucigalpa. Just 25 minutes trip as we said before.

I go there every time I can. I've been in Valle de Angeles hundreds of times, but I never get enough of Valle de Angeles. Someday I will live in Valle de Angeles, that´s a dream I have. People who live there have the environment of a colonial town, and also have the advantage of being only 25 minutes from the city.

That´s really convenient, isn´t it?

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