Jun 15, 2009

Suyapa Basilica in Tegucigalpa

A few days ago I attended a religious celebration in the Suyapa Basilica, which is located in the Suyapa Village, in the city of Tegucigalpa. Suyapa is part of Tegucigalpa, and it's a place that every tourist should go if visiting Tegucigalpa.

In fact, most tours that tourists take in Tegucigalpa to see points of interest in the city include a trip to Suyapa. This is one of the sites every tourist should go in order to admire one of the most known places in Honduras.

A few decades ago, the Suyapa Village used to be a remote location out of Tegucigalpa. In order to get there, people had to plan a long trip and go completely out of the city, take rural roads and finally get to Suyapa. It was like going to another town very far away from the city.

That was the situation about 40-50 years ago. These days, Suyapa is within the perimeter of Tegucigalpa, very near to the National University. You just have to take the Boulevard Suyapa and you will be there in a few minutes. Suyapa is not a remote town anymore, is part of Tegucigalpa.

The Suyapa Basilica is a very big building, you can see this church from many distant places in Tegucigalpa if you look to the mountains in the east of the city.

When you are driving in the streets nearby to the National University, you can see that the Suyapa Basilica is a very impressive construction, it´s really beautiful.

Every time I go out in Tegucigalpa, I can see with my eyes the Suyapa Basilica as part of the typical scenario. As I said before, the Basilica can be seen from many distant places within the city.

This time when I attended the celebration I mentioned before, it was a refreshing experience for me. Even though I've been there many times before, I realized that I had not been inside the Basilica for a very long time. I'm able to see the exterior of the Basilica almost every day, but taking a walk inside the Basilica is a different story.

When you walk inside the Basilica, you can really feel and admire how beautiful this place is. There are very large halls, very high columns, the ceiling is beautiful. The architectural characteristics of the construction are impressive.

It is a magnificent church indeed.

For people who attend religious celebrations in the Suyapa Basilica, it´s a very special experience.

I think I will visit the Suyapa Basilica more often.

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